Tricia Harris

What a great country we live in, one with people that migrate from all over the world. I grew up in New York City where the cultures are so diverse and intertwined that I had friends from all parts of the world. As I got older it made me realize how lucky I was that I was born a U.S. Citizen and how hard it was for some of my friends & their families that wanted to become U.S. Citizens.

I have always wanted to help people in some way shape or form. This was something that my grandparents who raised me, ingrained in me from early childhood. I spent my early adult years in the Army and served during the liberation of Kuwait in the early nineties. This experience enabled me to travel throughout Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq for a year. This was a very humbling experience, through which I became a veteran of foreign war. From there I spent a year in Germany, which enabled me to travel throughout Europe which was a great experience. Throughout all of my travels I have learned a lot about the cultures, customs and local artistry which have always fascinated me.

I have been a paralegal at different law firms but I feel that Immigration Law is my true calling. I love meeting people from different cultures and helping families to reunite. Neither money nor words can express the look on a mother’s face when she is reunited with her children that she has not seen in years. I spent eight years working with farm workers and domestic violence victims with Legal Aid of North Carolina. I enjoyed working with the battered immigrants and assisting them in obtaining documentation to enable them to work legally in the United States and eventually obtain Legal Permanent Residence. To be able to assist someone with an Immigration remedy that they may be eligible for is very rewarding. Anything that can help someone else have a sense of empowerment over their lives and their futures so that they can have a brighter tomorrow is worth every minute of every day for me.

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