Employment-Based Permanent Residency

Initially the representative I mostly worked with was Pam Prather, an extrememly warm and knowledgeable person along with Mr. Bashyam (partner of the firm), who is a walking library on immigration law. Esther Oh was also instrumental in the final stages, so I thank her for all her efforts as well. The experience has been an incredible and I think of this firm and its employees not just as immigration assistance but an extended family. Thanks for all your support and I’m looking forward to file for citizenship in 4 years.

— Mohamed E. from Santa Monica, CA, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

They made it easy to fill out the paperwork. Nothing seemed hard to file. They had the great ability to help my family and I at the same time. I was extremely happy with their services.

— Hector L. from Gaffney, SC, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

They were patient and gave me the necessary information and advice on time. They were dependable and their responses to my questions were on time. I was happy with the e-questionnaire provided. I would definitely recommend Bashyam & Spiro along with Pam, as a law firm to my friends.

— Shantharam R. from Raleigh, NC, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

We were very satisfied with the work and help Bashyam & Spiro provided us. They gave us a great service, answered all our questions, and were always friendly. We strongly recommend them.

— Abel S. from Zebulon, NC, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

Excellent representation, my Green Card Petition was approved within 4 months.

— Vinod R. from Chapel Hill, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

This firm filed I-140 Petitions for more than 20 of our employees. All cases got approved. The staff at Bashyam & Spiro is very professional and knowledgeable and above all trustworthy. I recommend them to anyone with immigration related matters.

— Vasagiri K. from Durham NC, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

Bashyam & Spiro LLP is a great law firm as far as immigration is concerned. Mr. Murali is an attorney full of knowledge and patience.

— Richard O. from Raleigh, NC, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

Murali is a highly reputable and efficient lawyer. He has been a great asset to my family and we feel privileged to have found him. He always went the extra step to make sure we were taken care of. He also kept us abreast of any new developments as far as laws were concerned. He was able to help us understand a very confusing process with ease. I can’t find enough words to describe how good Murali’s representation is.

— Kerwin K. from Staten Island, NY, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

I received a very professional service from Mr. Bashyam, who was very knowledgeable and fair. I got the best representation I could possibly get.

— Jordan S. from Durham, NC, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

Bashyam & Spiro LLP is a great law firm as far as immigration is concerned. Mr. Murali is an attorney full of knowledge and patience.

— Richard O. from Raleigh, NC, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

This firm was recommended to me by colleagues who used it for their Green Card applications. I was very satisfied with the quality of the service provided, it was extremely professional.

— Mikhail B. from Raleigh, NC, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

I’m a post doc at NCSU and I hired Mr. Bashyam for my Green Card application under EB1 category. Mr. Bashyam was confident about the case, he guided me well and I received my Green Card within a year. In addition to his expertise on the issue, Mr. Bashyam was always graceful and helpful. He always made effort to reach me and help me in any way possible. I heard about other attorneys and my experience was totally different. Simply speaking, I am touched by the way he handled the confusion ridden times.

— Vivek R. from Raleigh, NC, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

Your follow-up services for each step of my case have been so great!

— Young B, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

I was satisfied with your service. Your representative always replied to my inquries via email, and I feel that they were really concerned about my case as it was their own.

— Minsoo P., Employment-Based Permanent Residency

It has been a wonderful experience to work with your office for me. Your firm’s professionalism , knowledge , patience and a warm approach has always impressed me.

Needless to say , I would be approaching you again if any need arises .

— Shrikant, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

Hi Ame,

I received the package yesterday which contains I-485 approval notices. Thanks to you, Tina and all the attorney Bashyam’s group for the efforts and making a successful case. I recommended your immigration law group to a couple of my friends ( Dr. ___________ and Dr. _________ for I-140 and I485 petitions) I think they already contacted attorney Bashyam. Hopefully I will contact you in future for citizenship application.

Wish you all the best.

— Khalid, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

Esther Oh was very responsive and effective. Thank you!

— Giri, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

I am impressed and extremely satisfied about the professional yet warm, knowledgeable and service oriented approach of your firm. Thank you.

— Shrikant G, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

You have been wonderful and very supportive in my journey and helped me sail through this journey till this day.

Your firm has made all the difference in times of need by providing all the support and documentation when needed and especially thanks to “Pam” for her friendly response and guidance.

Pls do not hesitate to give my reference to anyone, at any time if someone would like to know more about your firm.

— Bala R, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

We received the green card and all the additional notices. We are very happy. We want to express our immeasurable gratitude to you and your staff for the amazing job, for always being there to answer every single question we had, for your support and professionalism.

— Arabinda D, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

Your firm is very popular in North Carolina. I am 100% satisfied. I was specifically impressed how you guys handled the Request for Evidence on my wife’s case.

— Asad A, Employment-Based Permanent Residency

Excellent service. Timely responses. Great understanding of the applicant’s feelings and situation.

— Prasanna J., Employment-Based Permanent Residency

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