Bashyam Shah Clients and Staff

Sita: We actually met on an Indian matrimonial site.  I was there looking for a professional Indian man, and Ed was there looking for a submissive Indian woman.


Ed: And we found neither.


Sita: [Laughter] And when we finally connected, we found that it was a connection that felt for a lifetime.


Pam Prather: Well, I mean it always sounds kind of trite to say that oh, I love to help people and it feels great to be a part of people’s lives.  But truly, it is.  I mean it gives you a reason to get up every morning unlike any other.  I kind of feel like it’s an honor, and I feel humbled by the privilege of being led into people’s lives in such an intimate manner.


Ed: When we were investigating other law firms, there was varying degrees of do it yourself, the DIY factor.  I did not want to take that chance on this whole process.  Knowing that from our very first meeting with Bashyam Shah that they were gonna handle it all, that was very comforting to us.  They counseled us on exactly what type of visa to go for, the pros and cons for the different types of visas, and helped us to decide for ourselves which is the best visa for us to pursue.  And once we made that decision, they laid out the entire groundwork for us.


Female 1: In my career as an immigration paralegal, I started back in 1999, I’ve been literally from coast to coast.  I worked in New York for a small personal immigration law firm, and they had only a few employees.  In California, I was with a large immigration corporate, and now they were very professional, but here what I love about it is that they have the same high level of professionalism, but at the same time, the company is small enough to provide each client with a personalized touch and attention.


Stacy Mangum: I guess Bashyam and Spiro is different in the way that they do work with people, they do work with their human resources professionals.  They do care about the employees so much.  But more importantly, they focus on just doing the right things for the right reasons.  So when I called them, I don’t feel like I’m getting billed every minute I’m on the phone with them.  And I just work with a flat fee, and it just – that tells me they want to do what’s right for the employee for any reason, any circumstance that comes along.  They’re just gonna do it, and there’s no question.  They’re always on the same page.  I never have to worry about if I talk to Pam or I talk to Murali, they all know the same things.  They’re all – they’re in sync.  And that tells me a lot, especially in human resources, that the teams work well together, that they sync together, and it makes you feel better too, like you’re just not telling one person that goes in to file and nobody else knows.


Tina Huber: Everyone at Bashyam Shah tries to place themselves in the client’s shoes, how they feel, what the circumstances would be if something didn’t happen right.  So we do our best to make sure that it happens right for that client.


Ted: I think we always felt that we had a real personal connection.  It was just that personal touch, that you weren’t just talking to a receptionist or a firm with many layers of people, but that there was a human being on the other side that really cared about us and our situation, and wanted to help us make this happen.


Female 2: I came to the U.S. when I was 15 years old.  I was in the ninth grade.  I graduated from high school in the U.S., attended at East Carolina University, and then eventually became a permanent resident.  And yesterday I became a naturalized citizen.  [Laughter]


Olivier: It was very important to have a good understanding of what were our options and what we could do, what we should not do actually.  And I had a lot of questions sometimes, what can I do, what should I do, if I change company, what can I do.  And each time, Bashyam and Spiro were very helpful and very responsive about all my questions I asked.


Female 2: I almost have the best of both worlds in the sense that I’m an immigrant and I work at a law firm, an immigration law firm.  So when I first speak to the clients, I can definitely sense if they’re like desperate or they’re really in need of immigration advice.  And I can find compassion in them because I’ve been there myself.


Dean: We were married.  She was in Malaysia.  I was here.  My life would have been very different had I not gone through this immigration process.  There’s a possibility that we may not have been together here in the United States.


Ame Coats: This is about keeping their families together, bring a family member over that they haven’t seen for 10 or 15 years, or just staying here together in the U.S. to have the best life that they possibly can.


Carrie: Today, I’m happy I’m here and get a visa.  Thank you.  [Laughter]


Tina Huber: It’s so real.  I mean these are people’s lives that we deal with.  It isn’t – a lot of them, when you’re dealing with the immigration part of it, it is their lives.  When you’re dealing with a non-immigrant who’s here on a temporary worker, they’re going – they’re seeing their future and you’re along for the ride.


Pam Prather: I’m Pam Prather.  I’m the client relations manager for Bashyam Shah , and I’ve been working here for almost nine years.


Female 2: [Speaking in Spanish, 5:31 – 5:40]


Tina Huber: I’m Tina Munos Huber.  I’m a paralegal here at Bashyam Shah .  I come from Wichita Falls, Texas and I’m a second generation American.


Female 1: [Speaking in Spanish, 5:47 – 5:52]


Ame Coats: My name is Ame Coats.  I’m an immigration attorney.  I’ve been with Bashyam Shah for seven years.


Murali Bashyam: My name is Murali Bashyam.  I’m an immigrant, and I’m living the American dream.  I’m also a partner here at Bashyam Shah Immigration Law Group.  Everyday we help companies and foreign nationals navigate the complex immigration process.  When we help companies hire foreign workers, we are helping them become competitive.  We’re also helping the U.S. economy.


When we help families immigrate their family members from oversees, we’re helping them come together as a family.  That is very satisfying.  We’re not only helping these foreign nationals; we’re helping generations to follow.  That’s why we love immigration, that’s why we love the foreign nationals who we help, and that’s why we love doing it together as a team.  When you partner with us, it’s truly a partnership.  We love immigration, and immigration is truly beyond borders.


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