USCIS Announces Direct Filing Instructions for Forms I-129 and I-539

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced new Direct Filing instructions for a variety of immigration forms that were transitioned into the bi-specialization initiative.  Effective April 2, 2007, all Forms I-129 and I-539 are to be filed directly with the California Service Center or the Vermont Service Center, whichever is applicable.  USCIS will release filing charts that delineate the proper filing location, and will post those charts on its web site prior to April 2, 2007.  USCIS will accept Forms I-129 and I-539 filed in accordance with the old filing instructions during the first 15 days of implementation of Direct Filing (from April 2-16).  However, if a Form I-129 or I-539 is filed on or after April 17, 2007, and is not submitted to the correct filing location, it will be rejected and returned to the petitioner/applicant with the fee and instructions for proper filing.  Given that the filing period for the Fiscal Year 2008 H1B cap is about to begin, please stay tuned to for further updates on where to file your H1B applications.  We will post the filing charts on our web site when they are released by the USCIS.