Will Obama Support Increases in H-1B and Immigrant Visas?

Computer World Magazine online has an article explaining why President-elect Obama might increase the H-1B cap and immigrant visa numbers, this despite our economic problems.   

Obama has been a proponent of the H-1B visa program.  Although he supports reform of the program, he has also made it clear that he supports an increase of the H-1B visa cap.  Furthermore, the U.S. should want to encourage foreign students and employees to stay, live and work in the United States.  Studies have shown that a vast number of entrepreneurs are immigrants.  If there is one thing that will help the U.S. recover from this economic crisis, it’s entrepreneurism and the entrepreneurial spirit.

We will soon find out what Obama’s priorities will be when it comes to immigration.  But we at Bashyam Shah believe that his first two moves should be to: 1) increase the H-1B cap and 2) make it easier for foreign workers and foreign students with advanced U.S. degrees to get permanent resident status.

To read the entire article in Computer World online, please go to THIS LINK.