Join 'People for Smart Immigration Reform' on Facebook and LinkedIN

Having been in the immigration law business for over a decade, our law firm has helped thousands of immigrants successfully immigrate to the United States.  During this time, we have heard many great stories about people’s lives and why they wanted to come to this country.  Unfortunately, we have also heard the frustration of going through the complicated immigration process, or the inability of some to go through it at all because of legal bars.  We have listened to many a Human Resources manager whose company wants to hire a foreign worker with special skills but can’t due to immigration laws.  We have listened to immigrants who have to wait many years just to bring their spouse to the United States. It’s time for change.

In order for America to stay competitive, we must reform our immigration laws to keep up with our global economy.  In addition to providing incentives to keep the best and brightest from other countries in the U.S., we must also have a fair immigration system that strives to keep families together and not apart.  The entire immigration debate over the past number of years has focused on illegal immigration.  From our perspective, this debate has missed an entire demographic of immigrants.

What we need in this country is smart immigration reform, not rhetoric from politicians who pander to one group or another.  The best way to foster change is to make your voices heard.  For this reason, we started the Facebook and LinkedIn group People for Smart Immigration Reform.  On both sites, there is a discussion titled Tell Us Your Immigration Stories.  Please join the group and this discussion.  If you feel comfortable, tell us your immigration story or anything else you feel should be heard in the immigration debate. If you represent a company, tell us your immigration story as well.  Let’s use this group to try to convince Congressional Representatives that change alone is sometimes not good, but that it’s smart change that we need.

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