DOL Enhances iCert System by Adding FEIN Verifications under PERM

In a prior issue of our newsletter, we wrote about the problems employers have been having verifying their Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEIN) through the iCert program for the purpose of obtaining a certified Labor Condition Application (LCA).  The Department of Labor (DOL) acknowledged these issues and provided instructions on manually submitting documentation verifying an employer’s FEIN. 

It now appears that the DOL had made an additional enhancement to the iCERT system by including FEIN verifications that have been completed in the PERM system. According to the DOL, all prior FEIN verifications completed during the PERM employer existence verification process are now incorporated into the iCERT database, and new FEIN verifications are being introduced into the iCERT system daily as PERM employer existence verifications are completed. Because this is a data transfer from the PERM system to the iCERT system, DOL is suggesting that LCA applicants wait a day or two from the time the PERM employer existence notification is received to submit an LCA application through iCERT. In addition, DOL advises that an employer not previously in iCERT can submit FEIN verification data to the Chicago “LCA Business Verification Team” at in advance of filing an LCA to speed the FEIN verification process.  

In related news, the DOL recently issued a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document on LCAs that addresses the FEIN issue, as well as prevailing wages for LCA filing. To read the FAQs, please click here.

We will provide additional information on as it becomes available.