We Are The World

Written by: Jessica Coscia In a day and age where selfless philanthropy is rare, I am moved by my employer, Bashyam Shah LLP – Immigration Law Group, for moving so quickly to support the Haiti earthquake relief efforts. Soon after the disaster in Haiti, we hit the ground running to respond to this humanitarian crisis by providing important guidance on obtaining Temporary Protected Status for Haitians through our Immigration Minute web video segment, we also shared this information via our e-newsletter and our colleague, Pam Prather, led the charge in making hygiene kits for the United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR). Today’s technology has greatly changed the way people give in a crisis. Through mediums like television, mobile phones and the Internet millions have been raised for Haiti, in only a matter of seconds, by texting and tweeting, on social networking sites and by way of personal Web pages. I know of a number of other law firms and businesses who have also pledged their support to this worthy cause and I salute them. When faced with a disaster of this magnitude, every little bit-large or small-counts. I sell this type of social action year-round by explaining what volunteering can do for the soul beyond what it can do for society. In a world that can sometimes seem so shallow this kind of showing of philanthropy puts everything into perspective. As a long time community volunteer and advocate, I am proud to be a part of a group of colleagues who share my passion for helping others. Our involvement doesn’t stop in Haiti,  several years ago the firm began to help with the significant influx of Montagnards from Vietnam, by working with The Montagnard Human Rights Organization, a non-profit that provides immigration services to refugees in North Carolina. They have since expanded to serving refugees from many different nations.  We’ve had a close and mutually beneficial relationship for several years now, with our attorneys and paralegals logging many pro bono hours on their behalf, as well as on behalf of many of their individual clients. Members of the law firm have also formed a charity to help people in need around the world.  Called Friends Unite, the organization’s 501(c)(3) charitable mission is to provide funding and support for the advancement of education, health services and other basic necessities, such as food, water and shelter, which are often compromised by poverty. Our Managing Partner, Murali Bashyam serves on the Board of Directors of the Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities.  The Foundation operates the Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities, which offers educational, residential and family support services to nearly 400 children and adults with special needs  We have created this Philanthropy link on our web site to keep you informed on what charities we are currently working with and support.  If you wish to get involved with us in any of these charitable organizations, please let us know.  We would love to have your help and support.