CSC Practice Pointer on I-129 Work Locations

The California Service Center (CSC) recently provided a pointer on how employers and attorneys should complete the section of Form I-129 that asks for the number of employees.  While the I-129 form only asks for the full number of employees at the company in Part 12, CSC recommends that you list the number of employees on-site versus off-site as separate figures.  For example, the section could be completed as “70 in US, 12 at worksite.”

CSC adjudicators have used public sources such as Google Earth to confirm information.  If the petition states that an employer has 82 employees but the office space is only 2000 square feet, it presents an obvious inconsistency that could result in a Request for Evidence (RFE).  By listing the number of employees in this manner, an employer could perhaps prevent an RFE on this issue.

We will provide additional information at as it becomes available.