The Wait Continues – March 2011 Visa Bulletin

U.S. Department of State released the March 2011 Visa Bulletin. Here’s the breakdown on how things have changed since February.

Employment-Based Category Two (EB-2):

China – advanced 7 days

India – did not advance

Employment-Based Category Three (EB-3):

All Other Chargeability Areas – advanced 3 months

China – advanced 21 days

India – advanced 21 days

Dominican Republic – advanced 3 months

Philippines – advanced 3 months

Mexico – advanced 6 months

As you can tell, visa availability hasn’t changed much in the last one month. The biggest mover was Mexico in the EB-3 category. The EB-2 category for Chinese and Indian nationals seems to be stuck in 2006. So the wait continues…

To view the Visa Bulletin, please click here.