Sign the Online Petition to Support HR 3012

H.R. 3012 – Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act aims at making the employment based visa system first-come first-serve.  It will eliminate the per country limits on employment based immigrant visas and reduce the wait times for severely backlogged countries.

Please support this bill by signing this online petition: Please Vote ‘Yes’ on HR3012
( . Your support helps many of intending immigrants who have been waiting for years for our green cards. If you have already signed this petition, please reach out to your friends. 

The above online petition is sponsored by ImmigrationVoice. In their own words “We [ImmigrationVoice] act as an interface between this [the most affected] set of immigrants and the legislative and executive branches of the government.” In the past they have continuously worked with several law makers and had many successes. Please read about them at: About Immigration Voice ( )