Six-Month Business Visitor Visas for US and Indian Nationals?

Are six (6) month business visitor visas on the horizon for Indian nationals?  It appears to be headed in that direction.

From AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 12070346 (posted Jul. 3, 2012):

At a Business Executive Program (BEP) meeting held in Bangalore, Minister Counselor James W. Herman, U.S. Embassy, New Delhi, India, notified BEP member companies of a recent trend in U.S. citizens receiving six-month business visitor visas from Indian Consulates in the U.S. Until recently, U.S. citizens customarily received five to ten year Indian business visas. Herman indicated that the U.S. Embassy is currently discussing the matter with the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs in an effort to resolve the issue. Herman noted that if this trend continued, U.S. Consulates could start issuing only six-month B-1 visas to Indian citizens.

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