AAO Processing Times for July 2012

The American Immigration Lawyers Association recently posted a document containing Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) processing times as of July 2012.

Why is this important?

It has to do with immigration strategy.

If the USCIS denies your immigration case, what are your options?

Basically, you can 1) file a Motion to Reopen, 2) re-file your case with USCIS, 3) file an appeal with AAO or 4) no longer pursue the case.

Whether you and your immigration attorney decide to file a Motion to Reopen, an appeal to AAO, or simply re-file a case are often based on various reasons, including the processing times related to each option.

Although most immigrants are aware of the processing times related to Motions to Reopen and the re-filing of cases with USCIS, few are aware of how along the AAO takes to make a decision on appeal.  This table provides immigrants with current AAO processing times, and allows them to make more informed decisions on the proper strategy for their case.

To view the current AAO processing times, click HERE.