DHS Outlines Process for DREAMers

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is finalizing a process by which potentially eligible individuals may request consideration of deferred action and employment authorization.

USCIS expects to make all forms, instructions, and additional information relevant to the deferred action for DREAMers available on August 15, 2012. USCIS will then immediately begin accepting requests for consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals who qualify for President Obama’s executive order.

It is important to note that this process is not yet in effect and individuals who believe they meet the guidelines of this new process should not request consideration of deferred action before August 15, 2012. Requests submitted before August 15, 2012 will be rejected by USCIS.

Individuals who believe they are eligible should be aware of immigration scams.

Unauthorized practitioners of immigration law may try to take advantage of you by charging a fee to submit forms to USCIS on your behalf. Visit www.uscis.gov/avoidscams for tips on filing forms, reporting scams and finding accredited legal services.

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