USCIS Update on H-1B Cap Cases

USCIS has started the data entry process for H-1B petitions selected in the lottery. Premium processing cases are being handled first and data entry for those cases has been completed.

At the AILA Spring CLE conference on April 12, 2013, Donald Neufeld, Associate Director of the Service Center Operations (SCOPS) Directorate, said that data entry for non-premium processing cases will begin after the premium processing cases are entered. Data entry for non-premium cases will likely not be completed until sometime in May, and rejection notices for petitions not selected in the lottery will be sent out after that.

If you filed a non-premium processing case, it may be many more weeks before you find out whether your case was selected in the H-1B lottery.  Also, non-premium processing cases can only be converted to premium processing after a receipt notice is issued.

We will keep you posted as additional information becomes available.