DHS Extends TPS for Somalia

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it is extending the designation of Somalia for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 18 months from March 18, 2014 through September 17, 2015.

The extension allows currently eligible TPS beneficiaries to retain TPS through September 17, 2015, so long as they otherwise continue to meet the eligibility requirements for TPS. The DHS has determined that an extension is warranted because the conditions in Somalia that prompted the TPS designation continue to be met. There continues to be a substantial, but temporary, disruption of living conditions in Somalia based upon ongoing armed conflict and extraordinary and temporary conditions in that country that prevent Somalis who have TPS from safely returning.

For individuals who have already been granted TPS under the Somalia designation, the 60-day re-registration period runs from October 31, 2013 through December 30, 2013. USCIS will issue new Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) with a September 17, 2015 expiration date to eligible Somali TPS beneficiaries who timely re-register and apply for EADs under this extension.

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