Client Testimonial – Stanley Hsu

Stanley Hsu:  Ever since in my early 30s, I was working in a Taiwan company at that time, and I have a temporary assignment to come to here to work in the U.S. branch.  After the two months assignment, I went back to Taiwan and I told my wife that we got to find a way to come to here, because it’s just such a good environment to live in and to build your family.  Ever since I started my green card journey back in 1999, I know that I don’t have a very good chance.  I was away.  I was not in the United States for two and a half years, and I lived in Taiwan at that time.

But Murali’s office and all his staff kept constant contact with me with email, so I know everything that is going on in my case, and I know every update when it’s necessary, and I took all the action that’s necessary.  They’re all very easygoing and easy to communicate and always nice and friendly.  It makes you feel like it’s a family.  From day one, I know that I will be back.  So I know that I have confidence in Murali, and I know that we will be back eventually.  I’m very glad that it finally worked out and I’m very lucky.  I’m very lucky to have Murali on my side.

[End of Audio]