Embassy- The Wickles I-601

Male: Yeah, when we went for the interview at the U.S. Consulate over there, first they checked all our papers, and we’ve seen them sending a whole lot of people away ‘cause they didn’t have all the documentation they needed.  They didn’t have everything that they were supposed to have.  A few minutes later, they call us back for our interview.  When we got back there, the immigration officer, he laughed because the packet that they had prepared to send us was like this thick.

And he showed me one of them, he goes, see this – it was about 15 sheets of paper.  He goes, “This is probably the average applicant’s package, and yours looks more like an encyclopedia. ”  He said he’s never seen a case like that where they’ve prepared a packet that well that was denied or turned down, so he’s pretty sure that we’d be okay and that we didn’t have nothing to worry about.

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