Bashyam Shah Staff Celebrate Love, Food and Life at the NC State Fair

October 25th, 2010
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What better way to take a load off of wedding planning and preparation than spending some time eating and laughing at the NC State Fair?

When my thoughtful colleague, Pam, approached me a few weeks ago to say that the office wanted to try to pull a casual pre-wedding gathering together before the October 30th wedding and asked for recommendations on what type of activity I may be interested in, I was stumped.

Many co-workers, see each other at the office more than our spouses, but amidst the hustle and bustle of the work day, rarely have the chance to think about take a load off and having some fun together.

I haven’t taken much time for “me” lately, so all that I could come up with for a “fun pre-wedding activity” besides group “nap time” was something food related.

One of our attorneys, Ame, came up with a fabulous idea, “How about lunch at the NC State Fair?,” she recommended.


And just that we did. We shut it down early last Friday and went to the fair for a few hours of enjoying good, healthy fair eats, some rides, pig races and the petting zoo.

The day was especially nice because I was lucky enough to be surrounded both at work and outside of the office by such fun loving and caring folks.

Our managing partner, took some pictures and posted them on our facebook fan page.

Take a look at all the photos from our fun pre-wedding celebration at the fair. I will be adding mine soon too.

Bashyam Shah Staff Visit NC State Fair

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