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Is that Big Foot? No, It's Bashyam Shah .

March 11th, 2010
posted by at 8:00 pm

As a long-time media professional I find it difficult to imagine working without the internet and without an online presence. I am always amazed by businesses and professionals that have no desire to make any semblance of a digital footprint. I wonder how they will ever survive.

Yes, it sounds a bit dramatic but the easy versatility of the web, has made other mediums almost obsolete and any business or professional with a desire to grow and succeed must become part of the digital revolution in order to complete in any field and any market.

When I interviewed for a job with Bashyam Shah late last year, I was so impressed to see that the firm had already made a significant online footprint. I was excited to become a part of that growth and once I jumped onboard we began working on ways to further expand that presence through other online media tools.

During the couple of months since I’ve been onboard we’ve gone beyond the firm website, e-newsletter and Facebook fan page to expand our Twitter interactivity, build a new, more personal, staff blog, and sign on to LinkedIn and JD Supra.

I’m also able to use my creative streak and video production background to produce regular educational video segments that we call the “Immigration Minute,” to educate folks on immigration benefits, news and information in a useful and comprehensive way.

Our very own Bashyam Shah You Tube Channel takes our community outreach and educational efforts to the next by enabling the free viral online sharing of immigration themed, informational video segments, in both English and Spanish, for consumption by colleagues, clients and prospective clients.

With the constant evolution of Web 2.0. one never knows where you may see Bashyam Shah ‘s digital footprint popping up next…