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June 21st, 2010
posted by at 2:11 pm

As you may have noticed our law firm recently started hosting a monthly webinar series to educate the public on the latest immigration information. We realize that people are busy these days and may not be able to attend each webinar during the designated time, so we have been recording these and making them all available to you whenever you want to see them on our very own You Tube Channel. Due to YouTube’s 10-minute time limit on videos, we had to segment our Webinars into separate videos.

Visit the Bashyam Shah You Tube Web Channel for free immigration videos, updated weekly. We want to develop a robust educational content calendar for the public and would love to get your input.

  • What do you want to learn about?
  • Are there particular experts you want to hear from?
  • Do you like the live educational forum a Webinar provides?
  • Anything else you want to share? Leave a comment here!

Thank you for watching!