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Bashyam Shah 15th Anniversary Memory #1: Why Immigration Law?

November 17th, 2010
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Murali Bashyam's First Bashyam Shah Business Card

We’ve often been asked by clients and other attorneys why we chose to focus on Immigration and Nationality Law.  I’ve always responded with the same five words – because we help good people.

As a law firm, however, we didn’t always have that clarity.

Juggling several legal practice areas

When we started the firm 15 years ago, we were handling corporate, family, criminal and Federal litigation cases.  We also handled a few immigration cases, mostly because I was of Indian origin.  People I knew in the Indian community would ask me questions, and I would then do some research and provide them with a legal solution.

Over the following two years, we continued to handle these different areas of law.  It was just myself and partner, Robert Spiro, at the time, so we had a lot on our plate!  In addition, more people started asking us to handle their immigration cases, and we started focusing more of our time in this area of the law.

Focusing on Immigration

Although we enjoyed the different areas of law we practiced, the immigrants we were helping started making an impression on us.  We were good at immigration law, and the people we helped were grateful for the positive impact we had on their lives.

After just two years in practice, we decided to focus on just one area of law.  But what would that area of law be?  There were compelling reasons for all of them. We wanted to pick one and be great at it.

Sunday Best

One Sunday afternoon 13 years ago, my law partner and I put a whiteboard up in our old conference room. We wrote each area of law that we were considering down along with a ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ next to each, and started brainstorming.

Thinking back on that Sunday, it really was a defining moment for our law firm.  Generally speaking, solo practitioners and small firms tend to be ‘general practice’ firms that handled multiple areas of law.  From an economic standpoint, it’s almost always necessary for small firms to branch out like that.  However, we decided to take the risk and cut our practice back to one area of law. And after much debate that Sunday afternoon, we chose Immigration law.

Why Immigration law?

Compared to other areas of law, we didn’t consider Immigration law to be that financially lucrative.  Also, Immigration law is one of the most complicated areas of law a lawyer can practice.  The laws are constantly changing, and it’s not easy dealing with a Government bureaucracy on a daily basis.  There are a lot of inefficiencies in the system that can lead to extreme frustration.

What made it worthwhile, however, was interacting with our immigration clients.  These were good people, and we felt that we were making a real positive impact on their lives.

Whether it was helping them with a work visa, or helping them unite with a family member, it was helping them that mattered most.  We knew that these clients would contribute to the United States in a very positive way, and that made dealing with the ‘cons’ of Immigration law easy to ignore.

Reflecting on our decision

Our law firm continues to focus solely on Immigration law.  We have helped thousands of immigrants realize their dream of living or working in America.   And as we celebrate our firm’s 15th anniversary this December, I can’t help but reflect on that important decision we made in our conference room on a sunny Sunday 13 years ago.

Bashyam Shah Staff Celebrate Love, Food and Life at the NC State Fair

October 25th, 2010
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What better way to take a load off of wedding planning and preparation than spending some time eating and laughing at the NC State Fair?

When my thoughtful colleague, Pam, approached me a few weeks ago to say that the office wanted to try to pull a casual pre-wedding gathering together before the October 30th wedding and asked for recommendations on what type of activity I may be interested in, I was stumped.

Many co-workers, see each other at the office more than our spouses, but amidst the hustle and bustle of the work day, rarely have the chance to think about take a load off and having some fun together.

I haven’t taken much time for “me” lately, so all that I could come up with for a “fun pre-wedding activity” besides group “nap time” was something food related.

One of our attorneys, Ame, came up with a fabulous idea, “How about lunch at the NC State Fair?,” she recommended.


And just that we did. We shut it down early last Friday and went to the fair for a few hours of enjoying good, healthy fair eats, some rides, pig races and the petting zoo.

The day was especially nice because I was lucky enough to be surrounded both at work and outside of the office by such fun loving and caring folks.

Our managing partner, took some pictures and posted them on our facebook fan page.

Take a look at all the photos from our fun pre-wedding celebration at the fair. I will be adding mine soon too.

Bashyam Shah Staff Visit NC State Fair


June 21st, 2010
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As you may have noticed our law firm recently started hosting a monthly webinar series to educate the public on the latest immigration information. We realize that people are busy these days and may not be able to attend each webinar during the designated time, so we have been recording these and making them all available to you whenever you want to see them on our very own You Tube Channel. Due to YouTube’s 10-minute time limit on videos, we had to segment our Webinars into separate videos.

Visit the Bashyam Shah You Tube Web Channel for free immigration videos, updated weekly. We want to develop a robust educational content calendar for the public and would love to get your input.

  • What do you want to learn about?
  • Are there particular experts you want to hear from?
  • Do you like the live educational forum a Webinar provides?
  • Anything else you want to share? Leave a comment here!

Thank you for watching!


April 13th, 2010
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I was just cleaning some folders on my computer and came across these pictures of a trip our office took back in 2008.  I clearly remember my response, “Parawhat?!”, to our Client Relations Manager, Pam Prather, when she suggested a few years ago that our office take a day off and go to Paraclete XP.

Of course, I was intrigued.  Pam explained that Paraclete XP is a company in Raeford, North Carolina that operates a wind-tunnel.  Their vertical wind tunnel moves air up in a vertical column.  Although it’s used mostly for the purposes of recreation, it also serves as a training device for skydivers and the military.

When Pam finished describing it to me, I immediately said ‘let’s do it!’  I had gone skydiving once, and this sounded like the next best thing.  So we booked date, hopped in a few cars that morning, and drove down to Raeford, North Carolina to experience something new.

As the saying goes, a picture can speak a thousand words.  So here is a picture of one of our employees floating in the wind tunnel while the rest of us patiently await our turn.

Bashyam Shah Team Patiently Awaiting Their Turn

The guy on the right in the white helmet is an instructor.  He’s in there to help steady us in case we flip over or go smashing into the glass.  Let me tell you, many of us got fairly intimate with that glass in the beginning!

Floating in this wind tunnel was not as easy as it looks, and to maintain balance is extremely difficult.   But when we were finally able to steady ourselves, it was fun gliding in the wind tunnel.  We experienced a little of what sky divers experience without the danger (or fear) of jumping out of a plane.

Our team has always made an effort to do fun things together outside of the office.  Some companies call it team-building.  With us, we’ve always been lucky to have a team that works hard, provides great immigration legal service to our clients, and also truly enjoys each other’s company.

Here we are in 2008 after our Paraclete adventure.

Bashyam Shah 's Parachuting Pros

Disclaimer: The title of this blog post does not in any way refer to Lindsay Lohan or the now infamous e-Trade ‘milkawhat’ commercial.